Kolarin Kontio B9

Leader: Tony Tolonen
Arttu Norrman
Kolarin Kontio was one of 40 clubs from Finland that had teams playing during Piteå Summer Games 2019. They participated with one team in Boys 9.

In addition to Kolarin Kontio, 49 other teams from 4 different countries played in Boys 9. They were divided into 8 different groups, whereof Kolarin Kontio could be found in Group 7 together with Skellefteå FF 2, Rosvik IK, Bergnäsets AIK Vit, Alviks IK Blå, OLS Kreikka White and Norrfjärdens IF.

Kolarin Kontio comes from Kolari which lies approximately 240 km from Piteå, where Piteå Summer Games takes place. Other than Kolarin Kontio, the club Pajala IF does also originate from the area around Kolari.

6 games played


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