Piteå 2020-09-01
We are back!
 After processing that the year is not at all what we wanted, we look forward with great optimism. The worlds most local energy company, PiteEnergi, is our new main partner. They will be with us for at least 10 years. For that we are both happy and proud. We obviously have several other collaborators as well, which we greatly appreciate. We are always stronger together.

The registration for 2021 is open. We have chosen to expand with a class on the boy’s side, so a Boys 17 will be open for registration until 2021. After that we will evaluate whether the class will be permanent or not. At the same time, the Girls 17/18 class is being expanded to Girls 17/18/19. This is of course because these age classes did not get the chance to play Piteå Summer Games in 2020. 

We hope we can meet just as before in Piteå for a fantastic tournament, July 2-4, 2021. Until then, take care of yourself and each other.

Piteå 2020-05-29

Since we last updated, the local company, Pite Energi, has decided to enter Piteå Summer Games as a new, and massive, collaborator. This means that the future for the tournament is secured. We are most humble and greatful for this, and look forward to many years ahead!

As of now, the office hours are reduced to a minimum, and also changes by the week. For contact, send an e-mail to anna@piteasummergames.se

Take care out there, and we'll bring some news in the upcoming weeks!

/ The Piteå Summer Games team

Piteå 2020-04-08

“Dear football friends,

The board of Piteå Summer Games has, in the light of the ongoing pandemic, and in consultation with the Region’s infection control physician, decided to cancel the tournament of 2020.

Naturally, we are devastated to make this announcement, but we hope for understanding from all the players, leaders, referees, collaborators and partners. We hope to see you in 2021.”

- Christer Norberg, Chairman of the Board

Piteå Summer Games is Sweden's second biggest youth tournament and attracts participants from all over the world. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to ensure everyone’s health, we have decided to cancel Piteå Summer Games 2020. In this difficult situation it is most important to do everything possible to help our world to get back to ‘normal’.

“For us, of course, it is a sense of dejection, mixed with a great respect for the pandemic currently underway and how it affects everyone's everyday lives. It will get better, and we will meet again in Piteå, just not in the summer of 2020. For Piteå Summer Games and all the associations involved in the event, as well as the city of Piteå and all its traders, it has a huge negative impact. We hope to move forward, together, and that we will be strengthened from this as well. Take care out there, football will be around after 2020 too!”

- Anna Bogren Dalberg, Tournament manager, Piteå Summer Games

Teams that have paid fees (registration dee, participation fee) will have a full refund. We need you to log on to the team page, and under “Message”, write the name of the bank, bank account, name of account, address or other forms of payment. Remember to write the IBAN number as well.

As we will take action that will affect our staffing for some time, we need to have this information entered by you no later than April 20. After that, no refund of fees paid will be made.

We aim at opening the registration for 2021 in a few months. We will also keep in touch through social media, so follow us, and meet us there!

Once again, it is with a heavy heart that we cancel Piteå Summer Games of 2020.

July 2 – July 4, 2021, a magnificent football fiesta once again is expected to happen in Piteå. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Keep a clear head, clean hands and a warm heart!

Piteå Summer Games


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