Om 1 vecka ses vi! - Piteå Summer Games

Om 1 vecka ses vi!

Skrivet 22 juni 2017 16:56
Ändrad 22 juni 2017 21:25
Nu pausar vi arbetet ett par dagar innan upploppet.

Trevlig Midsommar önskar vi på PSG!

Nästa nyhet: 19 days...

Skrivet 11 juni 2017 13:00
...and things are getting somewhat hectic. In v 24 we will publish how to stream the live games from LF1. We will also publish the new tournament bus schedule. You'll find it in the menu, and that will help you plan the visit in Piteå. If you haven't ordered the size of coach t-shirts, special diet, arrival/departure time on your team page, now is the time. After June 16, we will terminate tho... Läs mer