Piteå Summer Games welcomes you with an experienced organization that is flexible, collaborative and here to make your participation a memory for life.

Piteå Summer Games keep you as a guest in the center and show hospitality, combined with the love of football, fellowship and friendship.

Piteå Summer Games believes that all are equal. Regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sex or sexual orientation, you are welcome to us.

Piteå Summer Games promotes Fair Play, with Idrottens värdegrund - Idrotten vill as our base.

Piteå Summer Games endorses IQ , a people's movement for a smarter approach to alcohol.

Piteå Summer Games have zero tolerance regarding sexual harassments.


Piteå Summer Games will continue to be a football tournament which is organized and implemented in Piteå Municipality.

Piteå Summer Games will have 900 teams annually from at least 25 nations.

Piteå Summer Games will be a representative of the brands Piteå and Swedish Lapland.

Piteå Summer Games will continue to be an international tournament that will help to develop football in the local area and the region.