Since 1990 Piteå Summer Games is arranged every year. In 1990, 169 teams participated, and they came from three nations.

Since then, Piteå Summer Games has evolved. It is now the second largest tournament in Sweden, and top-five in the world.

Through the years we have had visiting teams from Peru, Italy, Russia, Greece, Armenia, USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Guatemala, Estonia, Latvia, Mexico, Argentina, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Chile, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Ireland, Poland, Uganda, Iceland, England, Malta, China, Portugal and Germany. The Swedish teams come from all over the country.

All games are played on grass or artificial grass. We also offer the possibility to play games under the Midnight sun.

Since 2014, the Green Card is awarded teams/leaders/supporters that bring Fair Play. We were the first international tournament to introduce the Green Card, and are proud to see others doing the same.

Every year, more than 38 000 people visit the event city of Piteå during the Piteå Summer Games!