Piteå Summer Games 1-3/7 2016


All of us who made PSG 2016 to an enormous success, we are great! Players, leaders, referees, volunteers, sponsors, collaborators and citizens of Piteå. There is no limit to what we can do!

Now, we are off for a few weeks of vacation. See you again in August!

Welcome back June 30 - July 2 2017!

If you missed some of the games at LF Arena but really want to watch them. Go to https://piteasummergames.solidtango.com/ and click "replays".

If you'd like to share your preparations and experience of the tournament, you can always upload a video at piteasummergames.solidtango.com. Klick Upload video and share your memories.

Registred nations:
  Argentina  Brazil  China  Estonia  Finland
  Guatemala  Latvia  Lithuania  Malta  Mexico
 Norway  Peru   Russia   Spain  
 Sweden   USA   


Watch the official PSG video from the tournament of 2015 here!

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