Information concerning covid-19

Information to all registered teams for Piteå Summer Games 2020

The world faces a major challenge regarding the spread of covid-19.

Therefore, we want to inform all teams about the following:

As of today, there will be Piteå Summer Games 2020. The preparations will continue in regard of updates and analysis of the current situation in accordance with regulations and recommendations from the authorities.

Almost 460 teams are registered for 2020, and teams continue to register at this very moment. Our registration due date is April 15th. It is also the last day to pay the registration fee.

If, for any reason, your team chooses to cancel the registration, it must be done before April 15th (in accordance with the tournament rules).

Given the current situation, we will postpone our due date for the participation fee to June 1st. Nevertheless, we would like to urge all teams that wish for accommodation to provide us with the estimated amount of people staying with the team as soon as possible. You can do so on your team page. The number given on your team page is our only, and therefore, main information when placing the teams into their accommodations. If you choose to cancel your registration before June 1st, the participation fee will be refunded.

During May, we will create the game schedules and place each team into the different accommodations. This will be published at the end of week 22.

We will continue to take every precaution necessary while planning the tournament to ensure the health and safety of all participants. Some elements of the tournament may be adapted to the restrictions and recommendations set by the authorities. We hope everyone understands.

With kind regards,

The tournament organization

Piteå Summer Games

March 17, 2020