Office journal February 2022

Imagine that football, a sport, can unite people. Imagine that a small city like Piteå in the north of Sweden can, for a few days during the summer, become a meeting point for tens of thousands of people. People from all over the world. Old and young, tournament crew as well as tournament participants. They all have a place where they can feel solidarity in something that, for these few days and hopefully for a lifetime, has created new acquaintances, friendships, and warm memories – Piteå Summer Games. Never has our tournament been as important as it is now.

Since our latest journal entry, the main part of the restrictions due to the pandemic has been lifted in Sweden. Now it really feels like we finally will be able to arrange Piteå Summer Games once again. The other day has been a milestone for us. We could arrange our annual kickoff meeting with our board and crew management team. It is a meeting in which we decide lots of important details for the tournament, share information between each other and help each other with ideas wherever needed.

The pandemic has put us in a position where we will face new and different challenges within our preparations. It means that we need to be on top of our game and be ready to adjust, but mostly, develop our tournament. And that is really fun!

At the Piteå Summer Games office we are starting to recognize a special feeling in our bodies. The one of excitement that grows stronger for each day we are getting closer to the tournament. We are booking more and more meetings; we have opened our camping bookings and the sound of inbox “beeps” and phonecalls from teams that has or want to get registrated are increasing. The pace at the office is increasing. The pulse is increasing. Let’s do this!!!