Office journal January 2022

The pandemic situation in Piteå is now a struggle for the society since more and more people is affected by the Coronavirus. Despite that we see a light at the end of the tunnel when more and more countries lower their guard after the Omicron variant and try to find a new normal. We hope and believe that this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic and that we soon can start to find a new normal here too.

At the Piteå Summer Games office we continue with the preparations for the tournament; we are booking accommodations, signing sponsor agreements and register new teams for 2022. Even though we, not for a second, like the pandemic, we see this as a challenge – a challenge that make us think a little extra, think a little different and develop as a tournament.

Our focus is that you, as our guests, will have a comfortable and wonderful experience at Piteå Summer Games and that is what we are working for. YOU <3