Office journal March 2022

It’s time! If you have not registered your team already you better do it now and don’t miss out on Piteå Summer Games. April 22 is the last day to register. 

At the Piteå Summer Games office we had a lot to do in March. In the beginning of the month, we could mostly focus on the normal office duties for this time of year: meetings with suppliers for goods that we are selling during the tournament and visiting all the schools that we will use as accommodations during the tournament. But as we came further into March we worked more and more with the Swedish winter championship and the arrangements around it: “Den mästerliga folkfesten” that took place in Piteå this year.  Now it is not only Piteå Summer Games that has a parade through the city of Piteå! 

It reminded us of our own wonderful parade, with hundreds of teams walking through the city and thousands of spectators from all over the world standing along the streets trying to get a glimpse of all the cheering players.

Of course we have had a wonderful time and a lot to do working with the Swedish winter championship and “Den mästerliga folkfesten”, but now our full attention is this year’s tournament and that you will have a wonderful stay here with us. We’ll meet in Piteå!